Saturday, 14 January 2017


Life is a beautiful journey filled with many special moments. These special moments are meant to be celebrated .Here comes the role of cakes into  play. Using  cakes for celebration dates back to ancient times. And even now they haven’t failed to make us happy.

Whatever may be the occasion – be it a birthday , wedding , Anniversary, Baptism – are incomplete without a cake. It is rightly said that  A party without a cake is just a meeting. The positive feelings of Love, Joy , Happiness , Gratitude are connected with cake. It is a symbol of celebration.
These days cakes come in various shapes, sizes and flavours . From a simple round cake to sophisticated multi-layered cake,  we have them all.

 But one ingredient remains constant while baking a cake. It is called Love. A cake which is baked with love is a perfect gift for all the special occasions sealed with innumerable memories.

So keep sharing love by gifting a cake or celebrating an event with it and create immortal memories to be cherished forever. Eat them anytime, anywhere . Anyways, who needs a reason to eat a cake ?? 

( Anjali sharma )

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