Saturday, 25 March 2017

5 Offbeat Cake Flavours

The ultimate taste is given to the cake by flavour. A perfect cake passes the test only when it tastes as good as it looks. There are many flavours like chocolate , vanilla , pineapple , butterscotch , white forest , black forest etc . to name a few.

 But if you are an explorer and want to try out some unique  and offbeat cake flavours , then we are here to help you. We will discuss about  five  very offbeat flavours in the world of cakes.  You can also order cakes online  in these flavours at our website

   1.   Red velvet

This  flavour is somewhere between chocolate and vanilla and is prepared with white cream frosting. It gives a red hue to the cake sponge because of which it has been named Red velvet.

   2.   Lemon

             If you are bored of rich and heavy flavours , its high time you try tangy , light and zingy lemon flavour cake. It is usually prepared with lemond buttercream icing . This citrous flavour is a real winner and simply magical.

    3.   Carrot

This soft, dense cake is moist and has a lovely consistency due to grated carrots and nuts being main components of the batter. It is made with a cream cheese frosting. Carrot cake is a great alternative to the more common flavors such as chocolate and vanilla.

   4.   Blueberry

This sweet and tangy flavour gives the taste of blueberries. Its neither too sweet nor too acidic. It is fruity sweet acidulous  flavour but delicate. Go for it, you will not get tired of vaping it!

   5.   Pink Champagne

  As its  name suggests , this flavour cake is uses champagne  instead of water in the batter and the colour of sponge is pink in colour which is obtained due to food colouring .

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