Tuesday, 10 May 2016

In Relationship With Food

Have you ever thought how nice it would have been if we could change our relationship status to “In relation with food”. Infact who needs a “better half” when a complete piece of cake or a cupcake can be so satisfying.  We know a lot of single men & women who no more give a damn about their single status and generous body proportions , they are happy, living life to the fullest, baking with love and have moved on from porn to food porn.
There are people whose  relationship with food can give serious relationship goals to even the “creepiest pain in arse personified couples” . These are the kind of people who are not afraid to gain a few pounds, the kind of people who find comfort in certain kinds of food and the kind of people who are not afraid to flaunt their passion for food. Trust us, they do exist. They are the ones who reach a party at time so that not to miss starters, the ones who always have a nutrition bar in pocket when the elevator is stuck, the ones who can happily feed 5 more people even if they come un-announced to their house.
This is to all the skinny, calorie counting, hungry-souls out there, to all the neighbourhood aunties who keep a tab of rising weight of all the girls around them, to all the uncles who suggest “anulom vilom” and “sada khana” and to all the ignorant souls who are still unaware of the magic and excitement of stuffing yourself with loads of comfort food, “No matter how hard you guys try, no matter if you write thousand more articles about right eating & fitness, there have been and always will be people like us who are In Relationship With Food and will continue to be. …”

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