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10 most important baking tools

Baking is an art, which gets perfect with practice. But an artist is nothing without his tools. Likewise art of baking also requires necessary tools. Right instruments and tools can make baking fun , easy and efficient . And the final output can be astonishing !!  Here we are providing the list of the most basic and important baking tools. So bring out the artist in you and surprise the world. Here we go !!
   1. Whisk

                    Whisk is a baking tool which is used to blend baking ingredients together. This process of incorporating air into the mixture is also called whisking or whipping. Whisk is generally made up of stainless steel. These days electric whisks are also available in the market.
      2.   Spatulas

               Spatulas are an invaluable tool in the world of baking. Their use ranges from mixing, spreading , lifting to transferring. Different spatulas are used for different tasks at hand. Metal Spatulas are usually needed for turning and transferring. Their main purposes are to flip, scrape and serve . Rubber spatulas are used for scraping and smoothing purpose. Frosting spatula is used for applying frosting on the cake.

      3. Pastry Bags and Piping Tips

Pastry bags are used for decorating the cake. These are usually cone or triangular shaped , handheld bags made of plastic. you make different decorations depending upon the nozzle you use. There are different type of nozzles like leaf nozzle, flower nozzle , open star, closed star nozzle , Round ,petal, basket, ruffle and multi-hole nozzle.

     4.   Pans

         Pans help in giving shape to the base or sponge of the cake. The cake batter is poured into these pans and then baked. Many different shapes and sizes of pans are available in the idea. There are different kind of pans like baking sheet, loaf pan, pie tin , round cake tin, cupcake and muffin tins , tart pans, fancy pans.

  5.  Mixing Bowls

                       Mixing bowls are used to mix dry and liquid ingredients to prepare the cake batter. They come in different sizes and are made up of ceramic, plastic, glass, copper and stainless steel. Bowls are also used to beat eggs, prepare whipping cream and mix salad and dressing.

      6.  Rolling Pin

                    This tool is used to give shape and flatten the dough. They come in many styles and are made up of different materials. There are 3 types of rolling pins  : Rolling , Rod and textured.

7.    Cooling Racks

                           Cooling racks are used to cool down the cake bases, muffins, cookies and cupcakes once they are baked and removed out of oven.

       8. Pastry Brush

                      Pastry brush is used to spread butter , oil or glaze or egg wash on the food. Bristles of pastry brush are made up of plastic, nylon or silicon.

  9. Standing Mixer

                 Standing mixers are large in size with a more powerful motor . A bowl is attached with the these mixers which is locked in a place while the mixer is operating .It is used for general whipping , mixing and kneading tasks.  
10.    Parchment Papers

It is also known as silicon paper and is used to line the baking tins. This is a non-stick paper which is also grease proof and moisture-proof.
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